Updates are free improvements to the main game that are automatically applied to anyone who has the game installed on their console with Internet connection.

For new gameplay experiences available for download (DLC), please check out the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass page.

  • Addition of a new quest (available at Hunter HQ from Chapter 8 onward)
  • Implementation of Cross Chain combination attacks
  • Distribution of Magitek Exosuits.
  • Temporary reopening of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival for users who purchased/downloaded the Holiday Pack or Holiday Pack+
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated saves will not work on former versions of the game.
  • Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)
  • Conclusion of survey regarding future updates
  • Addition of compatibility with EPISODE PROMPTO
  • Addition of pieces from EPISODE PROMPTO to music player tracklist
  • Various bug fixes
  • Implementation of a survey regarding future updates (available until end of June 2017)
  • Addition of a new dish based on user feedback
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from second photo contest (viewable at Takka's Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Resolution of an issue that caused the game to crash when accessing Timed Quest leaderboards
  • Various bug fixes
  • Implementation of additional display options for PlayStation®4 Pro
  • Enlargement of the font in subtitles and various menu screens
  • Introduction of rankings to Timed Quests
  • Addition of content in collaboration with TERRA BATTLE
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bug fix for an error that occured after casting Alterna on Ifrit
  • Various bug fixes
  • Addition of Chapter 13, Verse 2 (alternate route featuring Gladiolus)
  • Enhancement of Arcana spells (Alterna, Holy, Death)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from second photo contest (viewable at Takka's Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Temporary conclusion of Timed Quests (will resume at a later date)
  • Addition of two pieces from EPISODE GLADIOLUS to music player tracklist
  • Addition of compatibility from EPISODE GLADIOLUS
  • Various gameplay enhancements
  • Various bug fixes
  • PlayStation®4 Pro console Lite Mode compatibility with a maximum of 60 FPS
  • New Timed Quests (limited-time and contests)
  • Higher level cap (up to Level 120)
  • Increased camera roll capacity (store up to 200 photos)
  • Portable music player for Chocobo rides
  • Conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival
  • Commencement of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival (a limited time event) for users who purchased/downloaded the Holiday Pack or Holiday Pack+ (accessible through a new option "SPECIAL" from the in-game title screen)
  • Users are now able to access PlayStation®Store or the Xbox Games Store directly from the in-game title screen to purchase FINAL FANTASY XV related content
  • New outfits for users who purchased the Season Pass or downloaded the Holiday Pack
  • New photo frames for users who purchased the Season Pass or downloaded the Holiday Pack*
    • *The photo frames you receive will differ depending on whether you downloaded the Holiday Pack+ or the Holiday Pack (Free Version)
  • New photo mode allowing users to take in-game snapshots
  • Various bug fixes
  • New Game+
  • Photo frames
  • Enables Holiday Pack and Holiday Pack+ for users who purchased/downloaded the content
  • Various bug fixes
11.29.2016 Crown Update
Newly Added Features
  • Actions inspired by “Omen,” the Digic Pictures-produced trailer, have been implemented in the game
    • “Warp Dropkick” (when equipping daggers)
    • “Backwards Warp Magic Toss” (when using elemental magic at close range)
  • A Wait Mode category has been added to the Ascension menu, providing Wait Mode-specific abilities, such as:
    • Presto Libra – Ability to scan enemies faster when using Libra
    • Time-Restore – Ability to restore the Wait Timer by defeating enemies
    • Warp-Ambush – warp-striking an enemy not targeting Noctis increases the likelihood of breaking its appendage
    • Warp-Punish – warp-striking an enemy with half or less of its HP remaining increases damage inflicted to it
  • New screen effects improve awareness for Noctis’ HP during battles
    • A light red overlay fills the screen when Noctis’ HP falls under 25%
    • A dark red overlay fills the screen when Noctis is in a critical state
  • Addition of the “Beast Whistle,” an item which allows the player to call upon monsters to battle. However, monsters may not always appear.
  • Eliminated the dizzy animation during Stasis, and attempting to warp during Stasis will now result in a failed attempt.
  • Short forwards warps are now able to be performed on the field outside of battles
  • Addition of the “Portable MP3 Player,” an item which allows playback of music when traveling on foot 
  • An “Archives” option has been added to the main menu, where players can check their collection of Ignis’ recipes as well as fish that Noctis has caught
  • Opening the map or menu during auto drive is now processed in real time so the car will continue moving
  • Added a shop menu that can be accessed when riding in the Regalia
  • Certain scenes from KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV and “Omen” have been inserted into the story.
  • Various bug fixes
  • New items and cutscenes
  • Cutscene adjustments
  • Deeper combat, driving and other game mechanics
  • Saved games must be updated to work with the current version of the game.
  • Current version saves will not work with the former version of the game.